Our high-quality lesson pricing is very competitive, includes travel time and expenses, and we always give a FREE introductory lesson with zero obligation to purchase. Once you see how great we are 🙂 you can choose from the packages below.

 #1 Package: 4 x 30 minute lessons $140 (Single 30 minute lessons $40)

 #2 Package: 4 x 45 minute lessons $160 (Single 45 minute lessons $45)

 #3 Package: 4 x 1 hour lessons $180 (Single 1 hour lessons $50)

*There is currently no GST/HST on music lessons in Ontario.

Guitar Rental

We also have a few guitars available for rent $5-$7 per week for anyone who doesn’t want to buy one right away.

Non-music reading program for guitar.

Learning songs, music theory and techniques through means other than reading music. We start off with “Tablature” which is a very simple language created just for guitar. Its popularity has soared in the past 20 years and is used by most guitar players today. In these lessons, the students learn modern popular songs through a variety of ways: tablature, video lessons, by ear, and through the 1 on 1 lessons. As their skill level rises, they start to learn music theory and more intense methods of practice and exercise. There is no music reading in this program, but music theory will still be covered in full. Recommended for beginners.

Music reading program for guitar.

This program takes the student through the Hal Leonard’s Guitar Method Book 1,2, and 3 teaching the students how to read music for guitar while getting a good start on the techniques of playing. Hal Leonards theory book and workbook are also studied and completed. After books 1,2,3 are done along with the theory books, the students then have a choice to study certain styles more closely. Recommended for beginners, and intermediate players.

Custom program for guitar.

A lot of times we get players who already have been playing for many years but have a specific area in which they want to improve upon. With this program, we will assess the student’s needs and create a personalized lesson plan that will only focus on what they need. Recommend for intermediate and advance players.

No matter what program you choose, as a student, you will be able to access video lessons on songs, theory, and techniques posted weekly on the Go Guitar Lessons YouTube channel and Facebook page as a way to supplement the weekly lessons. Annual performances are organized every June for students to show off what they have learned.


Parents can sit in on the lesson and have a full view of what's being taught, or they can simply carry on with their busy day. Our experienced and reliable teachers can show you how to read music and understand music theory, or they can show you how to rock out that solo you have always wanted to learn. Book your first free lesson today!

Comment on lesson videos, Blog posts and even make requests while being part of all it. Students are also encouraged to post videos of their own songs, covers, and progress.

Get great lessons on songs, theory, and technique. Lessons for all skill levels posted weekly and separated into Beginner, Intermediate/Advanced channels that help you only focus on your level.

Get quick updates on lessons, blogs, and tips.